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Angie M.

Strawberry Blush: I love this light silky tea with floral top notes and fruit undertones. This is a blend I will buy and really enjoyed. It was the perfect balance of floral and fruity.

Lissa S.

Minty Petals Harmony is smooth and delicately flavored with no need for a sweetener. A completely original "why did I never think of this?!" taste!

Brittany A.

Don't be afraid to branch out and try the banana blend! It was full of flavor and so cozy. With a drop of honey it just caps it off!

Katie D.

The Minty Petals Harmony really stood out and surprises me, I really don't like lavender but in this tea it really worked. This is the tea out of the whole batch that sticks in my mind, it was so good. The blend itself is so beautiful with the leaves and flowers. The flavors are balanced perfectly and are so calming and delightful.